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Houthis pledge retaliation for US and UK airstrikes in Yemen

Εξιχνιάστηκαν έξι περιπτώσεις κλοπών και ταυτοποιήθηκαν ως δράστες τέσσερα άτομα στον Λαγκαδά

Unveiling the aftermath of weekend airstrikes

Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Sunday pledged to push forward with their military operations and respond to the latest set of strikes by the United States and Britain over the weekend.

The strikes, conducted by the U.S. and the United Kingdom on Saturday with fighter jets and ships, were aimed at 13 locations associated with the Iran-backed militant group’s weapons storage facilities, missile systems, air defense systems and radars, the Pentagon said Saturday.

The rebel group has launched a series of missile or drone attacks against commercial and military ships in the Red Sea in recent months, disrupting trade routes and destabilizing the region against the backdrop of Israel’s war with Palestinian militant group Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group also backed by Iran.