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Putin: This is his hidden paradise on Russia’s borders… with NATO

Έκρηξη βόμβας κοντά στο υπουργείο Εργασίας στην οδό Σταδίου - Δείτε βίντεο και φωτογραφίες

Unveiling Putin’s secret retreat: A hidden paradise

The Russian president’s secret luxury estate is located on Lake Ladoga, 30 kilometres from Finland.

When Vladimir Putin wants to relax from his presidential duties, he takes a vacation on the NATO border.

New drone footage reveals for the first time the secret luxury estate, located 30 kilometres from the Finnish border on idyllic Lake Ladoga.

Putin’s paradise is in an idyllic spot amid a wooded area in Karelia, northwestern Russia, which borders the Scandinavian country, German newspaper Bild writes, citing information from one of his best-known enemies.

Putin’s complex has, among other things, ‘three modern-style houses, two heliports, several yacht docks, a trout farm, a cow farm for beef production, and a private waterfall.

Putin’s palace is shielded by secure perimeters, fortified with electronic sensors, all meticulously surveilled by specialized security units.

Markings on the ground, which are visible, show that it is shielded with advanced air defense systems.

According to the Russian agency’s report, which cites local testimonies, Vladimir Putin visits his previously hidden villa on the NATO border once a year, after visiting the nearby Valaam monastery.